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Buyers Response,…Are You Receiving What You Asked For From Your Inquiry?

Did You Ever Inquire About A Property On An internet Listing, A Home, A Property Being Offered, Had A Couple Of Questions And You Received A Generic, Automated Response Similar To This?

“Hello, thank you for inquiring about this home. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a showing, just let me know. Your inquiry is very important to me.”

Mr./Mrs. Agent

….Or, Would You Prefer To Receive Something Like The Following:

(>: Dear Mrs. Gorman:

As a precursor to the overview I normally provide, I will forgo the write-up on the home for the moment and address the questions from your inquiry. Kindly allow me to provide the following, with an eye toward enabling you to make an informed decision, as to whether or not your potential interest remains. Please review the enclosed details, pertaining to the home you viewed from my home search website, your questions.

You are correct, this home had been on the market previously, the price-point was never reduced. Actually, it was originally listed at $499K, since that time, it re-listed at $499.9K, actually increased by $900.00, so to your point, this is normally not a sign of a motivated Seller. As indicated on the listing, the home does offers oil-heat, which some Buyers are opposed to.

In back checking the history on the property, the home was Under Contract (August 2012), now day 2 into the re-list, stills shows as $499.9K. As you are aware, you received this listing through my update campaign due to a status change/market update, the home going from “Under Contract” to “Active”. This is a service I provide as often times, Buyers want to know if a home of their interest, has had any pending/accepted offers or in Real Estate terms BOM (back on market). Perhaps in this case, the potential Buyer did not find out about the “exempt” area until the title work came through and were not comfortable moving forward…anyone’s guess.

In cross-referencing the details, the home is estimated at 2,285 sq/ft (municipal records), the rest of the information provided appears accurate, current with the exception of the missing room sizes. If allowed, I would measure the rooms and forward the measurements to you accordingly.

Additionally, in checking the assessor’s map, there appears to be some type of Township Exempt Area, in looking at the home, a 25ft. area along the left side of the property (see enclosed map). This designated area progresses, gets larger as it moves through the neighborhood. Other than the term “exempt” there is no clarification, indication as to what this is or means.

I suggest depending on your interest in the home, I may want to reach out to a title company or visit the town municipal offices, try to get an explanation.
Regarding your question, my feelings about the public schools, kindly refer to the provided link for the Middletown school district. Simply cross-reference those schools indicated on the listing to those offered on the school report. As opinions are always subjective, I would prefer to defer to the information provide here:

Search Monmouth County Vocational Schools Here

Lastly, the home is in close proximity to the commuter railroad tracks, the train station. In having shown this home several times, some Buyers have had issue in hearing the whistle at the Church Street crossing. As for what the area is like? What’s there to do? As I have many clients from out of the area, I’ve constructed a library of local imagery for just such occasions. Kindly visit www.MonmouthCountyPhotoGallery.com Many of my clients, past and present, find it insightful enjoyable, I’m sure you will too.

Kindly let me know if your interest remains, if you would like me to look into things further. You’ll find my contact information on the listing or you can always find me here: www.MonmouthCountyRealEstateAgent.com I will then do my best to provide more details for your review. If you have any additional questions, needs or would like to preview this home, feel free to contact me at any time.

My best wishes to you & Steve,….thank you for courtesy, your consideration.
Enjoy you’re the upcoming weekend!

Edward Vivona :<)

I’ve provided this letter as an example of what I offer for the privilege of your interest, so that you, as a Buyer, can make an informed decision before you venture down the path,…invest your time, your money, preview a home that’s not entirely what you had hoped for…this is not good information or bad information,…it’s simply information. How I will customarily respond to your interest. While you’re thinking about that next home, assume nothing. Take a moment to read, view the content, the imagery I’ve provided on restrictions, an introduction to what you may want to know before considering a particular home.

You will find it below this example in the pull down menu where you found this one OR click below:


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